Apollo Teck GmbH is a German company for heating – cooling, hot water and Renewable Energy.
It has a wide range of products (Heat Pumps, Fan Coil, Solar Water Heaters, Photovoltaics) made of high quality materials, using state-of-the-art technology and advanced know-how, which can meet all needs for both small and large installations with special requirements.

Its products have guarantees of good operation while having all the necessary international certifications such as EUROVENT, CE, ISO, TUV, OEKO-TEX depending on the product.

For Apollo Teck GmbH, its relationship with customers does not end after the sale of the product, but continues with the ongoing technical support, assistance-advice and spare parts providance, as it is addressed to both professionals and individuals.

Apollo Teck GmbH cooperates with leading professional systems companies and provides a guarantee on all the products it supplies.


Flexible Apolloteck Solar Modules

Flexible solar panels are portable solar power systems which can be used on-the-go, for RV’s, autos and boats. Also, they can be used to charge solar batteries.
Flexible panels are low-cost off-grid PV systems for homes and cabins.
These types of panel are useful for various expeditions such as hiking, cycling, kayaking and climbing. Roll-able and flexible panels are also useful on boats, which can reduce the energy demands on the boat motor.