CSUNPOWER (Nanjing) Co, Ltd is a member of China Electric Equipment Group (CEEG) Co, Ltd.

The CEEG group has been active is the sector since 1990 of energy for the production of transformers and power electronics as well as photovoltaic cells.

CSUNPOWER (CSP), founded in 2004, is now one of the top ten manufacturers of high-performance photovoltaic cells and panels worldwide.

In 2007, CSUNPOWER was listed on the US stock market NASDAQ.

It invests significant capital in research and development of new technologies for higher efficiency.

It has one of the most modern fully automated production lines.

The company’s annual production in photovoltaic panels is 2GW.

It is, also, one of the largest suppliers of photovoltaic cells in the world.

CSUNPOWER is a major supplier of solar cells to many manufacturers of photovoltaic panels.

It has production facilities in Chine, Turkey, South Korea and Vietnam.

In addition, it has developed a strong sales network in Amerika (USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile), EU (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic), Asia (Israel, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand) Africa (Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa) and Australia.

Construction Technologies

High efficiency monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic cells are used to produce photovoltaic panels.

The products have high performance, high reliability and long life.

CSUN POWER uses the following new solar cell manufacturing technologies for better performance:

• PERC Technology

• Multiple Busbar Technology

• Half – Cell Technology

• Split junction box Technology

The products are polycrystalline or monocrystalline photovoltaic panels with characteristics that give:

• Rebust construction

• Corrosion resistance

• Resistance to strong winds

• Snow resistance

• Resistance to salt clouds when in coastal areas


Performance of CSUN POWER photovoltaic panels

The reduction of the rated power must not be more that 2% in the first year of its life cycle.

The linear impairment of the rated power should not exceed 0,55% per year, reaching 84,8% in the 25th year.